How Are Real-world Relationships Affected by Pornography?

Porn is an issue that needs to be immediately addressed. There is no such thing as positive effects of porn addiction because there is none. All you get is negativities, especially in real world relationships. When you begin to live in a fantasy world, it’s time you do something.

Porn is mostly watched by men, especially those who do not have a partner. In one study, it was found that a single man watches porn 3 times in a week for about 40 minutes, while a married man watches only 20 minutes and 1.7 times in a week. Sex is a physically demanding activity, but masturbation is even more demanding than sex. As the single man has no partner, he needs to masturbate and porn helps him do it. At this time, porn does not work any wrong. But when it becomes an addiction, it starts to show its dark sides.

An addicted person needs to watch more and more porn every day. It wastes a lot of time as well as cause some mental disturbances. It compels a person to close all doors to friends and just focus on spending time alone masturbating and watching porn. It destroys the ability of man to be sociable and make friends. Porn also changes man’s view towards women. He will only see a woman as a sex toy and something he can use to release his pent up sexual desires. A porn addicted person makes a new imaginary world, leaving the real world behind and the people with it. This obviously makes a lot of relationships crack and ultimately, breaks it apart.


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